The apartment lofts are a collection of refurbished Telecom administration and workshop buildings, that range from the 1930’s through to the 1980’s. Our approach was to be as sensitive as possible to the heritage, by retaining the external personality of the building, and only adding contrasting industrial stairs and adapted balustrade to the inner courtyard. The new stair sets up opportunities for social interaction among users. The addition is as resourceful as possible, by utilising the 9 to 12 width for natural cross flow. The inner courtyard is landscaped with trees that will eventually produce leafy canopies that soften the users experience and help to cool the lofts. Loft spaces are added where necessary and flat ceilings are removed to expose the old rafters, which gives a better sense of space with higher volumes. A communal park land makes use of an old sunken railway servitude that offers natural escape from the urban living and is the largest exclusive use park in the CBD.   



Shawn Labuschagne

Robert Rich

Ann Chang

Sebastian Waters