8 weekend getaway chalets that are intended for airbnb accommodation and weekend visits. The roof tilts up to look at the expansive views of the escarpment. The building imitates the iron age ruins that are located on the farm. The chalet is completely off the grid with solar lighting, spring water and fire heated water. There are two chalet prototypes. The one is inspired by the circular ruins and the other by the boer ruins with the bathroom being likened to the kloof with top natural light. Each chalet caters for separate needs, the one sleeps 8 people in a communal space ,while the other has a separate bedroom with added loft bed for two children to sleep.



Robert Rich

Shawn Labuschagne

pano 3.jpg

Here’s what Brooklyn J. wrote

“Nestled amidst a lush surrounding of glorious undisturbed nature, the Bakoni Hide Away is a space of rest, relaxation and connecting to the earth. The housing is steeped in a specific architectural history whilst still feeling modern in some design senses. An intimate open plan setting with big bright windows overlooking the outdoors, walking up or falling asleep is nothing short of a dream. If you’re like me and don’t want to do anything but get lost in nature then trust that there is a plethora of short and long walks / hikes without ever having to leave the farm. All in all, this place is a healer.”